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Tibetan Peace Røkelse -Mandala Trading-

Tibetan Peace Røkelse -Mandala Trading-
Tibetan Peace Røkelse -Mandala Trading- Tibetan Peace Røkelse -Mandala Trading-
Produktkode: N1603
Tilgjengelighet: Ikke på lager
Pris: kr. 65.00
Minimum antall for dette produktet er 1

Ingredienser: Sandeltre 25%, Andre medisinske urter 20%, Naturlig lim 20%, Rhododendron 10%, Roopkeshar 5%, Safflower 5%, Krydder (Nellik, safran) 5%, Hellige basilikum 5% , Calmus 5%
Størrelse: Lengde 22cm, Diameter 4mm
Antall: 30 røkelser, 70g
Opprinnelse: Nepal

Fra pakken:

Tibetan Peace Incense
(Buddha Devotion)

This high quality incense contains 25 precious medicinal plants.

It lessens all physical pain stimulates digestion, promotes physical splendor and mental stability and clarity of mind.

*Due to sacred content of the symbol and quote, this cover should be treated with respect, please, burn it rather than throw it away.

It is an organic blend, no chemical extract, non toxic & non addictive

Dear customer,
This incense is made from the selected purified plants, herbs and resins, found in the Himalayan region of Nepal and plains of Tibet. Guaranteed free from any toxic substances. 100% Natural.
We pry that your purchage and use of this incense will be beneficial to all beings.

Sandalwood 25%, Other medicinal herbs 20%, Natural glue (Lac) 20%, Anthopogon (Soonpati) 10%, Roopkeshar 5%, Kusum flower 5%, Spices (Cloves, Safron) 5%, Holy basil (Tulsi) 5%, Calmus (Bojho) 5%